psychological counseling is the art of relationship

psychological counseling is more than just talking

Do you know the difference between coaching and talking? Talking is two or more people working together to deal with two people’s problems, while coaching is two people working together to deal with one person’s problems. This shows that professional training in counseling is very important. One of the important principles of counselling work is “considering the rights and interests of the society and the case.” As professional counsellors, we need to ensure that each case can receive a professional service. Therefore, we need to constantly equip ourselves and learn multiple methods and skills.

Counseling work cannot only be skill

There are many service plans for training and counseling volunteers in the market, 心理輔導,such as a list of hotlines, suicide hotlines and emotional service support hotlines. Most of the course content includes counseling skills and basic theories; in the past, in the process of coordinating network support services and listing counseling hotlines, I also arranged tutors to teach some counseling theories and treatment methods, such as human-centered treatment, cognitive behavioral therapy, etc., in the process of arranging In the course of the tutorial and lesson plan, some students asked me why I not only teach counseling skills, but also include counseling theory.

As far as I am concerned, as a professional counselor, counseling work cannot only be the use of skills. The study of counseling theory can help us understand the client’s situation and evaluate the client’s counseling process and stage; if the counselor only has knowledge of counseling skills, However, there is a lack of understanding of the counseling theory, and the counseling process will be superficial, because the counselor has no ability to observe the real needs of the client and the underlying reasons. In fact, the counseling work of the psychological counselor can help him understand the client’s situation on a theoretical level.Know what assistance the parties need and what internal resources they need to use to face the problem. For example, when a client faces unemployment in his middle age, a counselor who lacks counseling theory may use counseling skills such as problems and active listening to understand the client’s emotions and stories, but how to use those elements to conceptualize and use therapeutic techniques to help It depends on the understanding and practical ability of psychology and counseling theory.

Different counseling psychologists will develop and expand their scope of services to ensure that clients can receive professional services. We hope that we can use multi-angle techniques and theories, such as psychodrama and artistic applications, to help you feel your experience more comprehensively, rather than just using simple general counseling skills.

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